This is NOT an official DOD or DON website.  

However, this is an unofficial US Navy resource for the members of OHSU Jacksonville. 

important Message

We are no longer accepting PDF AT/ADT request.

All  AT and ADT requests for MTF support will be submitted, validated,  and routed through the SharePoint site. 
We will no longer be accepting the PDF attachment for AT request. Review to help you get started with submitting your AT/ADT request.
**Please note. You CAN NOT “apply” for AT on the advertisement portal. All AT request must go through the Sharepoint**

important Deadlines

1 May

AT waivers are due.  Please allow several weeks for routing.  It is best to submit these by April.

31 May 

All planned AT requirements built.  Ideally, 2 months of lead time is needed.

30 June

Q4 orders saved and routed to NOSC.

17 July 

Q4 orders funded and approved by NOSC.

FY 20 required GMTs

  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Awareness (face to face)
  • Suicide Prevention (face to face)
  • Cyber Awareness Challenge (DOD-IAA-V17.0)
  • Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting (DON-CIAR-1.0)
  • Privacy Act (DON-PRIV-2.0)
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Reporting (CPPD-GMT-DV-1.1)- per CNRFC
  • Combating Trafficking Persons (DOD-CTIP-3.0)- per NOSC JAX CO directive

Additional annual required training:

Other training:

  • MHS Genesis: also on JKO/ complete Level 100 training/additional training as per gaining command


DMRTI Enrollment Form – Use this form when applying for TNCC and C4. This form must be attached when submitting an application on the SharePoint.

AT Waiver – The request MUST BE ROUTED TO OHSUJAXTRAINING [at] GMAIL [dot] COM by the OIC of the member.  Please include in the body of the email that you either support or do not support waiver request.  Please have title have email as follows: FY20 AT WAIVER REQUEST ICO RANK- FIRST NAME- LAST NAME

SAAR-N Form – Please use this step-by-step guide to help you fill out this form


Advertisement Portal Guide – This guide will instruct members on how to access the advertisement portal for AT/ADT

NROWS Utilities Update – This guide will show you how to enable email notifications from NROWS.

SharePoint Application Training – This guide will help you with setting up your profile and submitting an AT request on the SharePoint.

NROWS requirements

Under SAILOR menu, select “create an application from an approved requirement”

To recieve NROWS emails:

Under “utilities”

Click “update my email” to make sure you have your preferred emial addresss listed

Click “my account” and make sure to checkthe  boxes indicating you want to recieve notifications!

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