Required Training for EMF

If you are cross assigned to an EMF unit, please review the following information.

Please be sure to submit a Statement of Understanding and sign it digitally with your CAC card.

JKO – Emergency Preparedness Response Course (EPRC)

Steps on how to access JKO and to select the correct course.

  1. Access via JKO (use internet explorer only)
  2. ***If page does not load correctly or having difficulty with website, click compatibility icon.***
  3. Click OK
  4. Log in with CAC card
  5. If any issues with login contact JKO helpdesk via phone or email. Both contacts are on this page.
  6. If enrollment form loads, complete as appropriate.
  7. Submit / save at bottom of form when complete.
  8. Click Course Catalog
  9. Type “Emergency Preparedness” in title box (third box) and press enter.
  10. Enroll in appropriate course
  11. HM, non-clinicians, clinical support staff, security personnel choose: J3OP-US260, Emergency Preparedness Course (EPRC), Operator Course
  12. Doctors, dentists, nurses, PAs, CRNAs choose: J3O P-US258 , Emergency Preparedness Course (EPRC), Clinician Course
  13. CO/XO, Command Suite choose: J3O P-US262, Emergency Preparedness Course (EPRC), Executive/Commander Course   


All GMTs are moving over to SWANK/Relias. ALL Members must register and update their profiles on SWANK/Relias. The email listed on SWANK should be an email you check on a regular basis.

Login: Site Code – 2025

DoD ID: 10 digit number on the back of your CAC card

Password: gonavy (all lowercase). Or, if gonavy does not work try: welcome (all lowercase)

Course List  > Operational Health Training > Platform Training > Other > EMF 150 General I/O > View Course > View Module > Download the document by right click and save as > review the document and take the test > 79% or higher is needed to pass and earn a certificate.

  • Protection Sys training
  • Hearing Conservation training
  • Heat Stress training
  • Hazmat training
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