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NME SharePoint Site for AT & ADT (including ADT-CME) requests: DMRTI Courses (C4, etc) requires electronic ADT request and DMRTI form)

NROWS or DTS questions?  Call 800-537-4617
NROWS requirements:  SAILOR menu–>”create an application from an approved requirement”Swank/Relias: https://navy.reliashealth.comFY20 GMTs:

My Navy Portal at
-*Professional Resources* then select *NEL* then *Course Catalog* then search by course codes. FY20 required GMTs (COs may assign additional topics):
        (1) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness (face to face)        (2) Suicide Prevention (face to face)
        (3) Cyber Awareness Challenge (DOD-IAA-V17.0)
        (4) Counterintelligence Awareness & Reporting (DON-CIAR-1.0)
        (5) DON Annual Privacy Training (DON-PRIV-2.0)        (6) Domestic Violence Prevention & Reporting (CPPD-GMT-DV-1.1)- per CNRFC        (7)Combating Trafficking Persons (DOD-CTIP-3.0)- per NOSC JAX CO directive
-Personnel with <3 years of time-in-service: complete AT Level 1 training. -Personnel with >3 years of time-in-service: complete AT Level 1 in FY-22.

Additional annual required training

(1) HIPAA (course name: HIPPA & Privacy Act Training): Active Shooter (CNIC-TRTAS-1.1): Resources then Navy-eLearning)(3) GTCC (Travel Card Program- Travel Card 101- Mandatory):
(4) MHS Genesis JKO/ complete Level 100 training/addl training per gaining CMD

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